Candanín, member at-large, created and donated by Dani Martínez

PhD students:

María Morán (co-s. MJ Bañuelos)
Project: Dynamics and movement ecology in sparse populations: the endangered Cantabrian capercaillie
email: mar.moranlu [at]

Former students:

Elia Palop Navarro– PhD (09/2017; co-s. MJ Bañuelos)
Quantitative baselines for evaluating conservation status in the Cantabrian forest ecosystem
email: elia.palop [at]

Alberto Fernández-Gil – PhD (06 / 2013; co-s. J Naves)
Behavior and conservation of large carnivores in human-dominated landscapes. Brown bears and wolves in the Cantabrian Mountains
email: albertofg [at]

Bea Blanco Fontao – PhD (12 / 2011; co-s. JR Obeso)
A trophic ecology approach to the conservation of peripheral grouse populations
email: beablancofontao [at]